The Brunch Box
The Brunch Box
The Brunch Box

The Brunch Box

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A fun & enriching food-themed box of toys for dogs of any age.
Pawfect for cute photos and fun with your furry loved one.

Play is a fundamental part of keeping your dog happy and calm. Play can reduce anxious or destructive behaviours and improve your dogs overall happiness.

1 x Beer Bottle Plush (23cm L) 
1 x Burger Plush (13cm L)
1 x Chicken Drumstick Plush (16 cm L) 
1 x Carrot Rope (20cm L) 
1 x Latex Squeaky Corn (12cm L) 

This bundle has been put together to be totally awesome looking, but also totally functional and durable!
With three plush toys this bundle is perfect for dogs who use their toys for comfort and the durability of our plush toys is great for babies that love to try and rip them apart! Additionally you also get a Latex squeaky corn which is great for fetch or individual play with all its glorious squeaking! Our Carrot rope is also ideal for fetch or tug, and is great for dogs who love to carry their toys around.

**L = Length

Additionally please note most of these toys are interactive and make noise through squeakers or the design of the item.