The Busy Box Blue
The Busy Box Blue
The Busy Box Blue
The Busy Box Blue
The Busy Box Blue
The Busy Box Blue

The Busy Box Blue

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A durable rope toy bundle with a fun plush drill and treat/kibble dispensing ball. Keep your dog entertained and enriched with this fun and durable bundle of toys.

Play is a fundamental part of your dogs life helping with enrichment, fitness and development. Playing with toys can help you bond with your dog, keep them calmer, less destructive and happier throughout day to day life!

1 x Small Rope Tug Toy (28cm L)
1 x Rope Ball (14cm diametre)
1 x Plush and Rope Drill (22cm L)
1 x Treat/ Kibble Dispensing ball (16.5cm diametre)
1 x Large Rope Tug Toy (52cm L)

We have put this bundle together to give your dog a variety of quality toys for play and development!

This includes our durable Plush Drill which has a rope handle for tug or to help keep those teeth away from your fingers during play!

We have also included a Treat/ Kibble Dispensing ball for mental stimulation, this toy is great for dogs who are prone to bloating or eating their food to fast; its also great for those moments your dog needs some exercise to get all that energy out but for what ever reason you can't walk them at that time.

You will also receive an array of rope toys perfect for all occasions from fetch to tug-o-war!

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**L = Length

CLEANING: Treat/ Kibble dispensing ball can be rinsed with warm water with dish washing detergent as needed. Toys can be washed with mild detergents.