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A New Dog Puppy Care

So, you’re getting a new family member? Congratulations! There are so many things to learn when you’re family is growing by four paws. Here are just a few things I suggest to help ease you into you and your dog's journey together including tips on pet proofing, essential products and vaccinations. 

Pet Proof The House

Beware, anything your puppy can find and put in its mouth... it likely will at some point. This may include: the contents of bins, cords, shoelaces, plants, furniture corners and oh so much more!

Here are some useful tips on things to be aware of to mitigate damage and protect your new pal.

  • Be aware that some plants are highly toxic to dogs and ensure any plants your dog has access to at any point are nontoxic.

  • Storage solutions such as outdoor shelves and high shoe racks may be required to keep those kicks out of sight and out of mind.

  • Make sure power points and cords are blocked and non accessible.

  • Make sure your bin has a lid that is secure and uneasily opened. This can be as simple as a bit of tape, or a bin bag hung out of reach. 

  • Many people aren’t aware of the dangers some foods pose to dogs and so it may be useful to hang a list of foods toxic to dogs on your fridge in full view, and to also brief potential visitors to not feed your dog unless granted permission.
  • A baby gate or puppy pen is arguably an essential ensuring your pup stays contained when its needed to keep them safe.
  • Ensure your yard is fully enclosed and that if you have fencing with spaces (e.g., a pool gate) that this is blocked off with chicken wire or something similar.
  • Make sure your house is bait free, or that if you do have areas that may have them your dog can't access these areas under any circumstances.

Things you need and products to make your life easier

There are many products which benefit new dog owners, some products are entirly essential and some arent...but heck will they make your life easier! Here are some essentials, and some extras listed below. 

Some of the essentials are:

  • Leash and collar (and/or harness)
  • Food and Water Bowls
  • A Bed
  • Pet Brush and Nail Clippers
  • Dog waste bags
  • Disinfectant wipes and Paper towels (for those inevitable messes)
  • A pet waste scoop (poop scooper)
  • Toys, to keep your pal entertained and for bonding
  • A seat belt or another safe way to protect and restrain your pet in the car

Beneficial products:

  • Treat dispensing toys/ puzzles and/or a Snuffle mat
  • A Crate for quiet times/ injuries or a safe space
  • A baby gate or puppy pen
  • Dog waste bag dispenser to clip to your leash
  • Pet Cleansing wipes to clean little messes off fur and paws
  • Pet Blankets (for some reason I find you can never have enough)
  • Portable water bowl or bottle
  • Dog whistle and Treat pouch for training
  • A LED collar pendant for night walks
  • A Grooming glove
Some Comfort for Creatures Products that Might Benefit You

Whats the deal with vaccinations?

A vaccine triggers your pet’s body to produce antibodies against a specific virus. When this virus tries to invade your pet, these antibodies bind to and neutralise the virus before it can take hold and affect your pets health.

The three diseases that are crucial for your dog to be vaccinated against here in Australia are: Canine Distemper, Canine Hepatitis and Canine Parvovirus

When Can I Socialise my dog?

  • Although socialisation from a young age is fundamental in reducing behavioural problems you should ensure your puppy remains protected from harmful diseases before their full 14-16 week vaccination schedule has been completed.
  • Your dog is not protected until 1-2 weeks after their final injection. Before this time take extreme care in avoiding areas that unknown dogs may have been.
  • Its recommended that you take your puppy to new places and to meet new people before 12 weeks old, so compromise by only introducing your puppy to dogs that you know have been vaccinated. In many cases (and ideally for developement) your dog will be older than this when you finally take them home; but fear not, the critical socialisation period lasts until 17 weeks of age. Even after this period, your dog can still learn to socialise. 

Timeline (this may change depending on vaccine brand ect)

6 - 8 Wks

First Vaccine

10 - 12 Wks

Second Vaccine

14 - 16 Wks

Third Vaccine


Boosters or Titre Testing for Immunity


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Puppy Care

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